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CBD Oil Tincture | 100% Pure Hemp Oil
Kure Healing’s CBD Tincture is made from our high quality concentration of CBD crystalline, and 100% purity level. Top-quality, all-natural, and supremely potent. 100% THC Free.


Apply drops on or under your tongue for maximum absorption. Wait 60 seconds before swallowing. Can also be added to foods and drinks.
Recommended Dosage

1 Dropper full 1-2 times per day

Kure Healing CBD Oil Tincture vs CBD Found Online

Not to be confused with regular CBD hemp oil found online, and local vitamin stores throughout the US, Kure Healing Oil contains potent concentrations of Phyto cannabidiol CBD. This potency, along with being FDA approved and made in the USA, is the reason it is being considered as an effective medical treatment for serious conditions such as cancer(s), seizures and skin conditions.Check Out Our Other CBD Oil Products with powerful anti-aging abilities, moisturizers, under-eye creams, scrubs and pet treats

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